Chakratec has developed a unique kinetic energy storage technology that provides unlimited high capacity storage.

Through Chakratec we can supply large-scale, high-speed, chargers anywhere. The product is very suitable for locations with poor capacity in existing infrastructure. We supply the entire value chain with kinetic battery storage, including energy booster and quick chargers, that take out far more of the network capacity than is available in the infrastructure. We take care of the whole process in close interaction with Chakratec. 

See how Chakratec's technology works in this video:

Chakratec's solution stores energy as kinetic energy through fast rotating flywheels. This multi-patented technology offers two major benefits:

  • Unlimited high capacity storage
  • Depletion of power from flywheels without degradation of power throughout the life of the system set to 20 years

In addition, the flywheels are built without chemical preparation so that the system is environmentally friendly and does not leave chemical contamination the way batteries do.


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