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Durable Group is a company operating in the renewable energy sector.

The Durable Group consists of Entrepreneurs with a background in sales, marketing, engineering, administration, management, communication and business development. We are in the market to challenge the established ways of generating electricity today and to provide green energy to everyone. 

Today's energy market still has a large majority of production coming from fossil sources such as oil and coal. There is a huge demand for renewable technology that can supply green energy to the market. The competitive landscape gives the Durable group a unique opportunity for positioning, as there are no players holding our desired market position.

We have distribution rights for tomorrow's renewable technology which outperforms the traditional renewable technology offered on the market today. Both in terms of price, land area needs and performance.


We will position ourselves as the first choice for consumers and businesses in the market to find renewable alternatives


We will position ourselves as the first choice for consumers and businesses in the market to find renewable alternatives


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January 2020

Kristian Flaten has been elected as a board member of Durable Energy. Kristian has more than 20 years of experience in financing, analysis, acquisitions / mergers, projects and business development. He has extensive management experience from Export Credit and BW Offshore, and has previous experience as an analyst at Handelsbanken and as journalist at Finansavisen. Kristian is a graduate economist from NHH.

November 2019

It has been essential for the company to put in place a new ownership model. This is now ensured. The majority of the shares is now being transferred to RJW Holding AS.

RJW Holding AS is a holding company that owns several major real estate projects and is strategically located in relation to our business areas. The transfer was a necessary strategic move to give the company momentum and direction in order to position itself as a significant player within the renewable community.

October 2019

Terje Gjengedal has been elected Chairman of the Board and Rudi Christensen as Deputy Chairman of the Board. With these profiles in place, the Durable group is positioning itself further to become a significant player in the renewable industry. With Gjengedal and Christensen in place, the Durable group provides a very valuable knowledge and result background in the energy industry, acquisitions, mergers, board work and corporate Law. 

September 2019

Knut Føleide is hired as the new CEO. We are very pleased that Knut Føleide has taken on the role of CEO. He brings in a competence that is very important to us.

June 2019

The Durable Group has pre-sold 81 units of the Infinity MG10, which ensures future sales of 14.5 MNOK.

April 2019

The Durable Group has signed a letter of intent to supply 32MW of power plant delivery in South Sudan.

Mars 2019

The Durable group has received great interest from major renewable energy players in Turkey. Establishing Turkey as a market is now part of our strategic expansion plan. Turkey is a huge market with great potential due to their under-production of energy and strategic objectives in relation to renewable energy. 

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