An important part of the Durable Group's operations is that we offer the market the foremost of renewable technology and equipment. This then requires a great deal of responsibility and with that responsibility it means that we must map the market for all new products / services for which we are actively investing and obtaining rights. The Durable Group is engaged in several exciting projects that will be commercialized and offered to the market in the near future.

Infinity SAV

Infinity SAV was established in 2014 by a team of highly competent engineers and professors in South Korea.

Infinity SAV's team is represented by engineers, inventors, contractors, designers and IT programmers.

Entrepreneur and inventor - Andrii Slobodian

Andrii Slobodian, is a serial entrepreneur. Educated engineer and holds a doctorate in mathematical physics from Moscow Technical University with 20+ inventions and 10 patents behind it. His inventions consist of MG10 magnet generator, energy-saving air conditioner, centrifugal kettle and smart glass.

Infinity SAV MG 10

The Infinity SAV electromagnetic generator produces 10KW of constant energy, can be operated 24 hours a day, and generates 87,000kWh per year. In other words, it outperforms all solar cell technology. By installing one or more Infinity MG10, you will therefore completely eliminate electricity costs and grid rent, and it will also be possible to sell surplus power back to the mains. The generator can also be connected in series of up to 10 units. The generator is started by connecting it either to the mains or to a battery. Then an electromagnetic drum is started. After about three minutes, the drum has reached 1500 RPM and can be disconnected from the external power source. It uses no form of fossil fuels. The generator only needs to be stopped once a year for maintenance and has an estimated duration of 20 years. An electromagnetic generator can run 24/7 and is thus far more efficient than solar panels. When the generator is launched on the Norwegian market, it will be priced almost like a complete solar panel installation. Durable Energy has exclusive rights to sell and distribute Infinity MG10 in the Nordic countries.

Infinity SAV centrifugal boiler

Infinity SAV centrifugal boiler achieves a result that allows up to 20 kW of thermal power from a power source of 200 W / h electrical energy. The centrifugal kettle is a closed oil circulation system in which electrical energy supplied to the engine is transformed into mechanical energy from the rotation of the disk, which in turn is transformed into thermal energy from oil injection. The unit utilizes jet propulsion of oil that is compressed under the influence of centrifugal and inertial forces, so that the heat energy is generated due to cavitation forces acting on oil passing through the nozzles.

The process starts when the engine is started and reaches 10,000 rpm. Since both motor and disk are installed on the same shaft, the disk also reaches this speed. Then the oil pump starts pumping oil from the tank and supplies it to the rotary joint, where it is transported through the shaft to the disk.

In the logarithmic spiral shaped structure of the disk, the oil is compressed when it reaches three of its edges. The closer the oil hits the edges, the greater the forces created by oil inside the counter. Oil is compressed under high pressure and is ejected from the disk through the nozzles, creating momentum. When oil is sprayed onto the deflectors inside the support panel, it is drained back down to the tank.

The centrifugal kettle is a hot water heater designed for instant heating. The boiler does not have a storage tank, and the water is heated with a straight circuit. The centrifugal boiler contains a double circuit plate heat exchanger. Heated oil is circulated through the first circuit, and water that must be heated is circulated through the second external circuit. The heat exchanger is made of copper.

Hot oil inside the tank passes between the tubes in the flow heat exchanger which exchanges temperature with them. Cold water is supplied to the heat exchanger pipe through improved stainless steel pipes that take in thermal energy from hot oil and extract hot water at the outlet. After giving up its thermal energy, it cools and repeats the cycle over and over, generating more and more thermal energy.

The oil heats up by increasing the rotational speed of the disc and starts at the moment when intake of running water is given based on signals from the flow sensors and temperature. The thermostat is equipped with a mechanical regulator and overheating protection. The reduction in the rotational speed of the disk occurs immediately after the end of the water intake or in case of overheating. The heater allows the system to operate without hot and cold water mixers. The electronic control adjusts the heating power depending on the flow and temperature of the incoming water, and keeps the outlet water temperature constant. 

Overpressure of the oil in the heating system is relieved by a safety valve.

The Durable Group will be launching news about several groundbreaking Infinity SAV products in the time to come. 

In addition to Infinity SAV, the Durable Group holds rights to other future renewable technology from Germany and the United States.